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to each of you for trusting us and for allowing us to be part of your most special moments.

Alan y su equipo son súper profesionales. Coordinan dos citas para revisar el itinerario de la boda y platicar sobre las fotos que se tomarán y en que momento. El día de la boda llegaron una hora antes y todo fluyó a tiempo gracias a eso. Son muy creativos, detallistas y agradables. Te hacen sentir muy bien y segura que todo está quedando bello. Con dos personas cubren bastante bien. Me impresiono como los vi capturando cada momento. Cada que quise una foto ya estaban ahí antes de tener que decirlo. Es un gran equipo y estoy emocionada para las fotos. Ya vi algunas y estoy sumamente contenta.

- Luciana

Thanks for everything Alan, it was spectacular. Your team super professional, very true when you told us that you didn't mind getting on the ground or getting dirty to get the best shot, it was the best decision we could make. Thank you for your effort and excellent work.

- Cristian

I would like to recognize the excellent work of Alan Cervantes and his team. It was the wedding of my daughter Miriam and Brandon, they were truly part of their story with all the pictures, since they have a very beautiful human quality. Always attentive to everything, paying attention to every single detail with great importance. Alán has a wonderful SPARK, which I had never seen in photographers. I thank you very much for all his work during the wedding. Above all, that warmth that they brought that we often do not value and that is so important because you feel like family. The best photographer, all my recommendations.

- Myriam

I already saw the photos and videos. You are a real crack! I loved them!!

- Elisa M

Alan, no way, , you blew my mind!!! You are the best in years. Thank you for making this dream come true, we loved every second. We thank you infinitely.

- Marisol P

Alan, the album is too spectacular. Awesome! The quality is WOW. Thank you, looking forward to having it.

- Andrea

You are incredible, thank you million times, what a beautiful attitude you have. Everyone told me that they wanted you to be their friend and buy you drinks haha. Super cool, you took photos of everywhere, really. You made everything so much easier and fun. Thank you so much.

- Lu

Choosing Alan Cervantes and his team for taking photos and video of our wedding was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we ever made for the wedding. His attitude and service were spectacular, as well as his enthusiasm and energy. His work drove us crazy, it is beautiful. We are very happy, thank you very much Alan.

- Yafit

Amazing pics!!! Seriously, you are off the Richter! We are going to highly recommend you. Everyone has been writing to us that our wedding is WOW!

- Daniela

Thanks Alán, we had an incredible time. The photos are spectacular and in angles that we never imagined, your team is super professional and the guests were amazed by your work. We are looking forward to seeing the album and the video.

- Karen

Alan our guests loved you hahaha, they say you are the best photographer, they saw you 100% capturing everything with the best attitude. Several people have already asked us for your contact information. Thank you very much for everything.

- Andrea

What incredible photos!!! I got married there 6 months ago and the photographer was terrible, the video was deleted. He gave me everything horrible, I would have met you before!

- Kim M.

Alan, good morning, I just want to thank you for what you have sent us, it is GREAT!!! There’s no doubt that we chose a great photographer and a great work team, I can't imagine everything that is missing...

- Georgette

Hello Alan, the photos, how impressive! Wow, your work!! You already left us wanting to continue looking at the others.

- María F.

We’d like to thank you for having been part of this special day for us. The attention, the super good vibes, your professionalism as well as your team, that made us feel so good. Really, thank you very much.

- Fernando


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Thanks, Alan. Your work is impeccable but your dedication and joy are incomparable. You are truly spectacular!!!

- Liliana G.

Alan, everyone was fascinated with you and your team. Thanks a lot!

- Cristina E.

Alan, thank you very much for everything! You really made our day incredibly special. You and your team really rock! We couldn't have chosen someone better. Thank you so much!

- Mine C.

All the feels from the best day with the best people in the best city... marriage is dreamy.. @bcdowdee cuddle bestie for life and it keeps getting better and better Thank you @alancervantesphotos! Longer video coming later ¡Thanks!

- Midyg

I hadn't had the opportunity to thank you for all your attention, the enthusiasm and creativity that you showed us at every moment. Thank you so much for having been part of this dream!!

- Karla

Alan, thank you very much for your dedication and professionalism. From your punctuality, your creativity and availability at all times, our wedding photography was no longer a concern. Every time we needed you, you were already there, every time we thought of a photo, you agreed to take it without a problem and you went beyond the idea. The attitude and talent you showed gave us a feeling of relaxation at such an important moment. Thank you for that day bro, we thank you so much!

- Riho S.

I have never met a person so committed to his work, the best decision of my sons Nadia and Miguel to have contacted you and chosen as his wedding photographer. You checked all the details, before requesting something you already knew it, as if you read minds. Furthermore, no request was required on our part. You know very well what you are doing. Professional above all, your team taking care of his image, very suitable for the occasion. Work, character, attention. I would not hesitate to contact you for a service, all my recommendations. Brilliant. You are at an excellent level. Success Alan Cervantes.


Alan, thank you very much for everything. What a great decision to choose you as a photographer, you and your team are the best. Thank you for your passion and dedication.

- Lili y Vasco

We all commented that your coverage was super detailed, like we had not seen with any photographer. Congratulations.

- Silvia L.

Estamos muy agradecidos contigo y tu equipo, se portaron increíble. Gracias de corazón.

- Julio

Mil gracias Alan, está increíble el álbum.

- Mara

Estamos en shock, están hermosas, qué impresionante trabajo, ¡Muchas gracias!

- Paola

Alan qué belleza de álbum, ¡Me encantó!

- Cristina

Gracias por todo, ¡Eres el mejor fotógrafo del mundo!.

- Jessica S.

¡Una experiencia increíble trabajar contigo!

- Julia P.

Qué bonito trabajo, gracias por tu trabajo y profesionalismo y por tu maravillosa personalidad. Haces sentir muy cómodo y apoyado. Eso no se compra ni se vende, la palabra es simple pero grande... ¡¡Gracias!!

- Edgar R.

Alan y su equipo hicieron un excelente trabajo. Captura hermosas fotos en toda la hacienda. También se aseguró de haber capturado fotos de todos nuestros invitados, lo que nos permitió enviarles copias de sus fotos como parte de nuestras notas de agradecimiento. También estamos agradecidos por la flexibilidad de Alan ya que nos encontramos en los Estados Unidos y vinimos a México como destino de boda y todo salió sin problemas. Recomiendo ampliamente a Alan y su equipo.

- Caro

Ya recibí los álbumes, real no tengo palabras para agradecerte el diseño tan hermoso y elegante. Lograste capturar en las fotos los momentos más hermosos de la boda. Me diste un recuerdo espectacular del mejor día de mi vida. Valió toda la pena las horas de trabajo y de dedicación. Gracias por transmitirme confianza en todo el proceso de mi boda y en todos mis eventos. Es un placer recibir esta calidad de trabajo de personas tan profesionales. Muchísimas gracias, me hiciste llorar con tan hermosos álbumes.

- Raquel

Mi estimado Alan, increíble el álbum que bárbaro. Muchas felicidades, quedó impresionante.

- Santiago

Grandísimo el álbum tocayo, súper buen trabajo. ¡Felicidades!

- Alan

Amé mis álbumes. Mil mil gracias, ¡¡Quedaron impresionantes!!

- Luna

¡¡Alan me encantaron las fotos!!, mil gracias, están impresionantes.

- Elvira

Indescriptible, mi esposa lloró.

- César

Muchas gracias por todo Alan. Estamos muy contentos y mucha gente me dijo que que agradable fotógrafo teníamos.

- Alicia

¡¡Wow!! Está increíble el highlight, nos encantó. ¡Mil gracias!

- Susy S